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Since 1985, Rainbow Montessori has offered a safe and fun child care center to Bloomington, MN families. Our principles are rooted in Dr. Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach to education. She believed learning should help children become independent individuals. Her research and observation led to the use of the “prepared environment,” which emphasizes order to reduce frustration and increase direction. This environment is only part of the Montessori method. This method allows children to get the most out of their education through rich experiences. Other parts of the method include the following: Mathematics, Language, Global/cultural subjects, Practical life, and Sensorial. Throughout our teaching, we focus on aesthetics, activity and motor skills, and the control of error, a principle that allows students to learn as they make decisions. As children grow in our classrooms, children learn self-discipline to keep learning on track. The children work together to bring order to their learning environment and teach each other how to use their inner discipline.

Our Philosophy is to offer a loving atmosphere where the child can grow uniquely to be himself/herself using special materials. Rainbow Montessori offers an environment that is clean, comfortable, fun, and exciting. It is a dynamic place for children to learn and play. Our carefully prepared environment helps the child unfold the true nature of himself/herself. The child teaches himself/herself through ordered, sequential, and manipulative materials that refine the senses and develop the intellect under the guidance of certified Montessori Teachers.

Our Mission. We recognize each child as an individual with unique capabilities, needs, and desires. We would like to focus our attention on the following basic needs of your child:

  • Security, a feeling of belonging to the family and social group
  • A need to adapt to the forces of his environment
  • Desire for self-expression and freedom to show individuality
  • Achievement of success so that the child discovers his/her own capabilities and self-worth

We also recognize the parents as the primary caregivers of their children. Each child acquires a basic attitude of love, reverence, and respect for the beliefs, values, and attitudes of his/her parents.

Our child care center in Bloomington, MN, gives children customized attention according to their specific needs and desires. Our focus supplements the values and beliefs taught by you as a parent/guardian and the primary caregiver. The teachers at our child care center in Bloomington, MN guide children to develop intellectual skills and refine their senses.

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