Montessori Child Care Center in Bloomington, MN

At Rainbow Montessori Academy’s child care center in Bloomington, MN, we strive to provide a stimulating and safe environment for each of the children in our care. Since 1985, we’ve offered parents a trustworthy, progressive local alternative to traditional daycare and preschool.

Our Curriculum and Background

Here at Rainbow Montessori Academy, we ascribe to the educational method created by Dr. Maria Montessori. This method dictates our classroom design, activities, and goals. Our curriculum includes lessons in:

  • Global and cultural subjects
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Practical life
  • Sensorial subjects

Our dynamic learning environments and dedicated teachers offer children self-guided opportunities to learn valuable skills and lessons that they will need in future academic and real life situations. For example, the Montessori Method emphasizes decision making, error correction, and personal awareness and development.

Our child care center is part of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), and our instructors are all qualified by the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association (NAMTA).

Our Philosophy and Mission

Rainbow Montessori Academy uses a proven educational method to impact the futures of individual children. Our philosophy includes giving children the ideal learning environment as well as a variety of guided tasks to empower them to play, bond, develop, and learn.

We rely on this philosophy to achieve our mission of recognizing and accepting each of the children in our care as individuals and letting their personal aptitudes and needs dictate their education. In doing so, we strive to:

  • Enable children to adapt and appropriately respond to their circumstances
  • Express themselves freely and effectively, both verbally and creatively
  • Give children a sense of safety and stability as part of social and family groups
  • Guide children through explorations of their own identity, worth, and strengths

In addition to working with our pupils in the context of the classroom, we also work directly with parents and caregivers to ensure that each child recognizes and understands the importance of love, respect, and family belief systems.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your child to thrive both today and in the future.

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