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Our Preschool Room has a 3-hour Montessori learning session daily to teach practical life, language, sensorial, music, mathematic, geographic, and scientific skills. The preschool teachers offer a well-rounded curriculum and love to read, sing, and do sign language with the preschoolers as they teach basic Spanish, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. The teachers also provide time for making art projects, developing small motor skills (like writing, cutting, matching, playing musical instruments, etc.), as well as for developing large motor skills like dancing, sports, and other exercise. Manners like please, thank you, or taking turns are shown and encouraged. Occasional computer lessons are for the older preschoolers to help improve eye-hand coordination. A music teacher comes weekly to teach the preschoolers songs for the bi-annual concerts where they get to perform for their family in the spring and winter.

In Montessori, the virtues of character are as highly prized as academic achievement. Children grow not only in self-confidence, but also in a sense of responsibility. Intellect, physical powers, and moral insight must all be developed if a child is to be prepared to meet the demands of life. The center of the Montessori Method is the child. The prepared environment, the apparatus, and the philosophy behind the technique all flow from an understanding of the child and a respect for his/her worth.


The children at Rainbow Montessori Academy have a fun-filled and exciting day filled with numerous activities.

Practical Life Activities: Matching, pairing, sequencing, gradation, pouring, developing small muscle coordination, and learning about grace and social courtesies
Sensorial Activities: Awareness of the many sensorial impressions of our world. They learn colors, shapes, dimensions, scents, tastes, temperatures, textures, weights, and more by categorizing the world that they live in.
Language Skills: Learning the sounds of our language cracks the code to reading (phonics and phonograms). Children begin to understand that putting 3 to 4 sounds together makes a word and putting a group of words together makes a sentence. Writing also comes to the child at this time. She or he is spontaneously able to read and write.
Math Skills: The child learns the symbols to the numbers, the sequence of numbers, teens, tens, skip counting, and the four operations of mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Fractions are also introduced when the child is ready.
Geography: The child learns about the world around us and about other cultures through maps, flags, and cultural picture cards.
Science/Botany/Zoology: The child learns about plant life, the animal kingdoms, and our universe.
Foreign Language: Spanish and Sign languages are introduced. The children learn colors, numbers, foods, family members, animals, simple sentences, songs, and days of the week.
History: The child learns about presidents and other cultures.
Music and Rhythm: We have daily singing and movement times.
Art: This enables the child to unlock his/her creative potential. Computer Awareness: Simple matching games for colors, numbers, letters, and shapes are played on the computer to help strengthen their eye-hand coordination as well as familiarize them to using a standard keyboard and mouse.
Social Grace & Courtesies: We help children understand the importance of interacting politely in social situations. We teach manners, table etiquette, social reactions, and roles in conversational settings.
Toilet Training: We have child-size toilets and consistent bathroom times in each room to aide in the process of toilet training.
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