Know the Difference of Rainbow Montessori Academy, a Day Care Provider in Bloomington, MN

Infant Testimonials

“We are very happy with the care our children receive at Rainbow. I appreciate the teacher’s commitment to the infants, we like how the center is clean, and we enjoy all the extras like the programs, music, and costumed visitors” (ex. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Easter Bunny, Santa, Frosty the Snowman, etc.).
Stacey P.

“The teachers seem to really care about the kids and the regular communication about adjustments to food, eating [habits], etc. [My son] seems to be happy from his busy days.”
Christina C.

“I love the teacher’s interactions with the children, sign language, and artwork. I am very impressed and I am happy with my choice of care for my baby.”
Thomia B.

Toddler Testimonials

“My son comes home with new things he’s learned from this daycare every day. The teachers are great and the center is neat and clean.”
Natasha G.

“I have a toddler enrolled that started nearly 2 months ago. This is his first experience away from home. I also have been experiencing problems with feeding him non-baby food at home. Less than a week after being in Rainbow’s toddler room, all he wants to do is eat “big boy” food with a spoon all by himself. I also noticed that he voluntarily cleans up his toys when he is done playing at home, and he loves to sing the songs that he learns at his school. I couldn’t believe how observing other children his age provided such a positive change in his behavior.”
Stephanie H.

“We love the teachers and all the staff at Rainbow. The teachers have good communication with us. There is a huge improvement in my daughter’s manners, and she enjoys all of the art, singing, and dancing.”
Stacey P.

“Manners, eating habits, and cleanliness . . . I can see a lot of improvement in my child’s behavior and manners. Thank you so much Rainbow Montessori Academy for making my child’s life better.”
Lalitha B.

“I am so happy that I found Rainbow. Smaller groups are best for him. I love the attention that my son gets one on one and the learning projects that he does.”
Nathan K.

“Great teachers, he learns a lot, and he has fun here. I’m very pleased with the things my son is learning. Seeing his progression has been amazing.”
Maria M.

“Detailed feedback on progress, video [Slideshow of children’s activities at school] was cool, and social interaction . . . I feel like my son is learning a lot here.”
Isaac R.

“My son is happy; he loves to tell me about his day and all the new stuff he has learned. I, and everyone else, noticed a huge change in his attitude. He loves to go to school. I truly, honestly, have no complaints. I feel all the teachers have the kids’ best interest in mind and heart.”
Maria L.

Preschool Testimonials

“My son enjoys his days. I think he pays closer attention to other things besides toys and playing. Since he started, he shares better with others and shows more interest in reading and writing.”
Lyndzey S.

“I feel my son is learning a lot because he has already expressed new words and shown me other things he’s learned (i.e. teeth, tongue, etc.), and he has never had such good temperament. He has been the happiest loving kid since we’ve started and he is well taken care of.”
Mandy H.

“The Spanish vocabulary my daughter is learning, the reading skills my daughter has gained, and the basic addition/subtraction she has learned has made me very pleased with our daughter’s progress at Rainbow!”
Joyce H.

“My daughter (4 yrs. old) just started a month ago. She loves the preschool staff, especially the head teacher Miss Theresa. My daughter comes home with artwork and a few papers that she herself wrote like her name, numbers, letter-case matching, and simple words containing a different vowel sound each day. Just yesterday, she was attempting to read me a book about fruit and was phonetically sounding each letter because she was so excited to show me what she learns at school.
Natasha H.

“I love the variety of materials within each section of the classroom. I like how the teachers’ different cultures provides classroom materials for the children to learn about different parts of the world.”
Holly C.

“[My younger preschooler] is interacting with other children his age, he loves to learn, and they are helping with potty training.”
Jacintha H.

“The children learn SO much. My 4-year-old can do addition, subtraction and compose simple sentences. Socially, my child is above and beyond my expectations of other children his age. I am very proud that my child went here! I commend teachers at Rainbow that put in the love, attention and care to teach them the skills they need to excel in life.”

“All the learning aspects, building their self-esteem and confidence . . . My daughter has learned so much at Rainbow Montessori Academy, and she looks forward to coming every day.”
Deanna W.

“[I] like that the teachers focus on letters, numbers, and signs; [I] love that the teachers keep me informed; and [I] like the interaction with groups of children.”
Kelly S.

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