Creative Toddler Care in Bloomington, MN

Toddler play room for our toddler care in Bloomington, MN

Our toddler program is committed to promoting quality care for children 16 months to 33 months. Our Toddler Room teachers love to read, sing, and do sign language with the toddlers as they teach basic Spanish, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and flashcards, etc. The teachers also provide time for making art projects, developing small motor skills (like playing with musical instruments, working with puzzles, coloring etc.) as well as for developing large motor skills like walking, galloping, skipping, and dancing.

Toilet training is a lesson for older toddlers unless the parent notifies the teacher otherwise. Manners like please, thank you, or taking turns are introduced to show appreciation for listening or waiting. A daily report is sent home each day with information such as how well your child ate, how often a diaper/pull-up was changed, and naptimes. A music teacher comes weekly to teach the toddlers songs for the bi-annual concerts where they get to perform for their family in the spring and winter. In this classroom, the toddlers are introduced to the Montessori Method. They work on carpets, clean up their work area, and group circle time.

toddlers playing in a sand box

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